Migos Upcoming Album: Hit or Miss?

Migos have released three singles, Origin, One Time, and Pipe it Up to prepare for their debut LP, Yung Rich Nation, set to release on July 31.  The trio made sure to incorporate their traditional flow-surprising right–in all three songs. I have enjoyed their music for some time; however, their consistent use of the same sound makes me wonder if their style can survive an entire album because lets face it, it’s getting a tad bit worn out. But that isn’t my only concern. I am also worried that many fans have hopped on the Future Hive bandwagon. 

Future has received an enormous amount of buzz following his mixtape streak. He also has a very similar flow to the Migos. This means all the fans that enjoy listening to Migos because of their catchy flow probably enjoy listening to Future for the same reason, and since Future has produced a lot of heat lately, fans are more likely to spend their money on his album, Dirty Sprite 2, that releases on July 17. Taking this into consideration, it seems this Migos album may have come at a bad time. 

This album has been highly anticipated ever since the release of their No Label II mixtape, which brought much success. It's release was only one year ago, so they are moving at a great pace. However, nobody could have predicated that Future would become as big as he is presently. I say this because he had two lackluster albums back to back, so not much was in his favor. Nevertheless, I’m not going to count Migos out just yet.

Out of the three singles released, I do enjoy two, One Time and Origin. They don’t get me excited for the album but do give me hope that it wont be a hard listen.

What do you think? Will the album be a hit or miss?