Maybe I Won't Regret This #1: Marques Martin

I woke up this morning and did something that I thought I would probably regret doing immediately afterwards:  asking my Twitter followers to send me SoundCloud links. The big joke (in case you didn't get it) is that everyone hates those random people that send you a link to their work...because 8/10 it turns out to be terrible, at least in my experience. But I took a chance. This is a series I'm starting in order to show the world my own true feelings towards the underground and underground's underground scene.

One of the people who mentioned me is a Maryland native, Marques Martin, with his work.

 I took one deep breath and had no clue what was ahead of me. Marques only has 2 sounds currently on his page, but each with a good amount of listens so I became excited and the concept "quality > quantity" hit me in the backside of my head. I listened to each track chronologically.

"Sistine" was the first. I press play and Marques wastes no time. He immediately goes in on the track. Throughout the song, I was hit with multiple punchlines (but not in an overwhelming way like Fabolous)*. It had a heavenly approach due to the excellent sample, like you definitely HAVE to listen to this during magic hour. After about 1:40 into the song, he asks us if he should even do a second verse then everything begins to slooooooooooow dooooooooown. I wish it went on for a little longer than just 20 seconds but I love a good teaser as much as the next person. Overall I gave this track a 8/10.

Let's move on.

Hailey was the next [and last] track. Before I hit play, I had to develop a hypothesis. "'s called Hailey. Probably going to be a love song about a girl in his life or weird infatuation with a random girl you saw at a function last week. Hopefully it's the first." The beat pulled me in immediately. Paired with the heavy breathing hook, it gave me a feeling of being hunted. Marques talks about the girls around him being very into their looks (exercising, skipping meals to stay thin) as well as their actions on social media...but all he sees is this one in a million girl who is set apart from everyone else. Only being able to think about her and willing to do anything for her like jump in water even though he can't swim. But what can you do? The guy is so sincere and he thinks about her crazy. This track is a 7/10 for me.


Marques Martin has earned a special place in my heart and I definitely did not regret clicking on his SoundCloud link. Props to him and I'll be looking out for anything he releases in the future. 

*Full shade to Fabolous. I'm just sick and tired of getting beaten up by punchlines.

Follow him on SoundCloud and his Twitter: @ImQweezy