Maybe I Won't Regret This #2: MC and The Visions

Welcome back to the second installment of Maybe I Won't Regret This. I like to vary my music taste so we're going to break off from the hip-hop/rap scene we normally cover here on TYFNS and go outside our comfort zone.  If you didn't read the first one, I suggest you do before reading this one just so you aren't too lost as to what's going to be happening here.

Today we will be talking about MC and The Visions

Before we start dissecting his music, who is MC and The Visions? Cincinnati-born, now Lexington resident Markus Cook would be the answer to that question. MC and The Visions comes from Markus' desire for a unique sounding name that didn't make him sound like any other guy making bedroom music.

Before you start listening to the links posted, let me explain what your ears are about to undergo and give you some imagery of how I felt while listening to the only 2 tracks he has posted on his SoundCloud

SANS 1995: Imagine dancing underwater with deep sea creatures then next thing you know you're flying with a bald eagle in the sky. Imagine watching a sunset while holding hands with your significant other watching dolphins doing flips and shit while the water sparkles. Oh yeah, you're on a beach too. All that is what MC and The Visions will make you feel. Under some sort surreal, hallucinogenic spell as soon as you press play. Very dream-like and nostalgic moods start pouring in. After listening to that track, I found the music video that went along with it. In the video, it starts off with Markus in an arcade with 2 girls playing some of the games. Then it quickly turns to another scene at a botanical garden with Markus and just one of the girls. AND THEN, we find Markus on a cliff, alone. Throughout the video there are short clips from Power Rangers, Pulp Fiction, etc. At the end, we see Markus alone at all three scenes. He described the song [as well as the video] to be focusing on nostalgia and  things we never had to begin with. Possibly just being in a daydream state, wishing for certain memories to be real but never will be. I could relate to this track heavily and the music video did the song justice by accurately portraying the content. I give the song AND video a 7.5/10.

Moving on.

Last track to critique is Bliss.

Bliss: From the first listen, I had a very generalized feeling about the direction of this track's content. I was happy about the Paul McCartney sample but I began to really question how this even relates to the last song. Then I noticed this link in the description box on SoundCloud. Clicked on it and it took to this image called "Bliss Explanation" on Flickr. I immediately became intrigued. This is off some Rap Genius shit. Markus was 100% prepared to have people questioning this track and he was ready to defend himself. Here is a snippet from the explanation:

Bliss is not a happy song, despite what your ears tell you. Bliss is about how the American boy recognizes the misgivings people and himself have about being American and Black. Despite his attempts to live happily, his world still comes crashing around him. The first and second halves of the song focus on his musings and the final part is the fictional character coming to an understanding. America is in a state of bliss, and although recent events have shattered that mindset, many are still heavily under its general assumptions. (more)

He did my job for me. He explicitly says at the end of the explanation to go back and re-listen to the song after reading it. I was dumbfounded. Sure enough, I listened to it again and it was like reading the same book but this time it was a different story. He did a wonderful job bringing that surreal feeling back into this track, very consistent work. I give this track a 7/10.

Markus tells me summer is near which means new work is near. I'm excited for it. I like a variety of genres and I'm not sure what this one is yet. I fucking hate comparing artists but it's like PND meets Toro y Moi if we had to give it some sort of name. 

I definitely did not regret listening to MC and The Visions, hopefully you don't either.

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