Maybe I Won't Regret This #3: Tylisha Haskins

Welcome friends to another segment of MIWRT

This week I will be touching on Tylisha Haskins

Who the fuck is Tylisha Haskins? Does she sing? Does she strip? Is she the woman your daddy is fooling around with? No no no, not at least I hope not. Are your minds ready to wrap around this big ass plot twist I'm about to drop? Tylisha is actually a guy, a dirty suburban kid to be exact, as well as a dope ass rapper.

Wait, what?

That's right, Tylisha is a guy. Where the fuck did he get a name like Tylisha Haskins from? Long story short, my mans was stoned out of his mind going through numbers on his house phone and saw this his own number with the name "Tylisha Haskins" as the caller ID. A look of confusion was then followed by an impulsive decision. "Fuck it! I'm Tylisha Haskins now."  

The first time I have ever heard Tylisha rap was in 3AMa single by James Artimus with a feature by Tylisha. For some reason I refused to differentiate each of their voices and kept waiting for a girl to come out and start singing, rapping, saying something! I was mad confused. Then I was explained later on who Tylisha really was. My attention was truly grabbed in the most unique way by a rapper from the DMV. I salute you, Tylisha, for the creativity. 

Now that we know who the fuck Tylisha is, what the fuck does he sound like?

I've chosen 2 tracks to go in depth on as well as do some comparing and contrasting. Those tracks are a track released yesterday, Franks n Beans and Ducts from previous project PreCXNT.

Franks n Beans: I admire Tylisha having a distinguishable voice. Pairing that with a great sealab2012 beat is just so evil. In this track, we have Tylisha basically reintroducing himself in his neighborhood (The neighborhood is being referred to the DMV music scene), going door-to-door saying Hey neighbor! My name is Tylisha. I be rapping, I be trapping.  Very playful flow throughout the song, continuing to keep it topical on substance use by himself, the people he associates with, and the people who try to make it seem they can abuse more drugs than the dirty suburban kids. I fuck with playful rap because the artist is having fun and in their comfort zone while telling you "hey, look at me. I can rap!". I give this track a 7/10.

Moving on.

Ducts: Now let's look at a different scenario. We're still in the neighborhood, no need to change the setting just yet. But let's remove the playfulness we were just bumping to a minute ago. Picture Tylisha still going door-to-door. but he's banging on the door this time. He's kicking the door down and scaring the shit out of your kids. He's breaking into your house and spray painting TYLISHA WAS HERE...metaphorically. Throughout this track, Tylisha is explaining what he thinks about the state of the "neighborhood" and his place in it. He begins to explore the questionable opinions of doubt made by his neighbors and Tylisha is calling them all out for what they there. Basically, who are you to say this shit when I'm better? He doesn't have the time for your wack ass mixtape or single. He doesn't care for Youtube views. He kept it short and sweet by making it clear to keep his name out of your mouth. I give this track a 6.5/10. 

If you find him as interesting as I do, here is his Twitter and Soundcloud.

To see what he really looks like, here's his first music video for TH:

I enjoyed Tylisha's playfulness to match his voice and definitely didn't regret listening to him so  neither should you.