Maybe I Won't Regret This #4: MoneyFourDrugs

I stumbled upon this gem on my feed and clicked solely on the strength of the playful cover art. When you think of the name "MoneyFourDrugs", you immediately think "trap rapper", which is what I did (followed by a long sigh).

But now I feel bad.

MoneyFourDrugs is a New Wave artist from Uptown D.C. with an angelic voice albeit peculiar choice of production. He draws inspiration from French New Wave music with a hint of Neo-Soul. I dig cosmic/alternative jazz popularized by the French in the 70s, so, naturally, his new LP, YouGotMoneyFourDrugs, hit a soft spot. 

All 12 tracks flowed seamlessly into the next. The downside to New Wave is how similar one track could be to the next, something that doesn't cross it out from being good, just slightly redundant. The line between quality and redundancy, however, is thick, chisel-tipped gray, and stretching three miles long. At least.

Favorite tracks: Could You Stay, Imagined,  Dayz

Overall: 7/10

Kudos to MoneyFourDrugs for releasing a clever-titled, quality project.

Definitely deserves some more listens on his LP. 

Follow him: Twitter/Soundcloud