My Father's Music Taste

My musical taste has been influenced by pretty much every significant adult in my life. I get my old school funky Earth Wind and Fire, Kool & the Gang, Chaka Khan taste from my granny who used to order those old school mixtapes from the infomercials and play them in the car almost everywhere we went. My grandfather on the other hand is really into jazz and I hated it when I was younger but now that I'm older, I have come to love those instrumentals, soft jazzy music from The Internet, as well as one of my favorite songs of all time, "Moments In Love" by Art of Noise.

Listening to 90's R&B and Hip-Hop reminds me of all the times I would go out to college cookouts and shit with my mama and my auntie. I have memories of us riding in the car screaming the lyrics to Aaliyah's "Back and Forth" or Brandi's "I Wanna Be Down". My father on the other hand, who is an Army brat and traveled all across the world as a child, has a very bizarre taste in music and he turned out to be the biggest influence in my own taste.

I met my father when I was 6, that sounds weird right? He's my stepdad (but that's another story for another day). I always liked him but he was always telling jokes and funny and cool stories about his life. When we would take trips to visit family back in Kentucky, he would always play the weirdest music when it would be his turn to drive. I remember waking up from a nap on one of our 8 hour road trips back home and he was playing the Jurassic Park theme song, I'm sitting there thinking "who listens to this for pleasure?!"As I got older he would introduce me to a lot of shit that I really was not trying to hear, like the entire Star Wars sound track. There was this one time not too long ago my dad was like, "Ayawnna you HAVE to listen to this rapper, his lyrics are great! And he sounds good without a beat!" I kid you not...I am seriously not making this shit up...he started playing the acapella version of Yung Joc's "It's Goin Down", I wanted to laugh so hard because he was saying all of this about Yung Joc, who hasn't had a hit since like 2006. His musical taste ranges from classical theme music to Jay-Z. I swear is favorite song is "Big Pimpin'" , he plays it every morning when he's getting dressed. When Lloyd came out with "All Around the World" which sampled Rakim's "Paid in Full", my dad was so offended that he cut it off and started playing Rakim. At the time, I was like "Here he goes with all this old school bullshit...", but now I'm glad he got me into it...even though early hip hop kinda sucks (but that also is another story for another day). 

My father is the reason why one of my favorite songs is Bohemian Rhaphsody by Queen or why you could go through my iTunes and find so many random genres of music. My father is the reason why I jump from genre to genre searching for new music. This would have been a great father's day post but you's not.

What kind of music does your dad like?