New Discovery: The American Muslim

Donald Trump’s unambiguous opinion on Muslims has been at the forefront of his Presidential campaign from the beginning. Not only does he not understand the religion, he seems to be oddly oblivious to what the words he uses mean. He originally called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”; this statement cannot be more direct, there is literally no room for various interpretations.

However, of course Trump did the impossible and claimed he didn’t mean it the way that anyone with any kind of sense would interpret it. He, as well as other Republicans, have claimed that what he was calling for was a stronger vetting process, this is clearly bullshit considering how strict the immigration vetting process already is considering that it takes on average 18-24 months. Politicians are known liars, but doing it to this degree is a little offensive to me.

Once I was able to finally digest the trash flowing out of Donald Trump’s mouth, I looked into Hillary Clinton’s position on Muslims. As expected, her statements were in complete opposition to Trump’s, she labeled Islam as a religion of peace, as many do, and said Muslims are tolerant. Cool, so she basically came out and said the generic nice things that I hear a lot of Americans say about Islam. The thing is, as I rolled her statements around my head I began to realize what categorizing us as peaceful and tolerant could really do.

We have one candidate labeling us as purely evil and the other labeling us as purely good. The reality is Islam is not black and white. Just like all other religions, we have a mix of people believing in the faith. Clinton’s categorizing us as a religion of peace and tolerance implies that the Muslims that do not agree with everything in America less American. She is holding us to a standard other religions are not held to and that is unfair.

The same freedom of speech other religions have should be provided to Islam as well. The reason I say this is because, if a Hillary supporter shares her opinion, then when this supporter sees a Muslim that does not fit this description that Muslim would be viewed less positively than one that does fit Hillary’s description, and that is wrong.

Muslims are not super peaceful humans that never do any wrong, some of us curse, have sex before marriage, hate police, and do other things that aren’t considered good but are done by almost everyone.

After years of abuse, demonization, and inequality in America to categorize the good Muslim as tolerant is to expect Muslims to pay full allegiance or be viewed as bad, things are a little more complicated than that. If a Muslim expresses his anger towards the government it does not mean he/she isn’t a good American or that he/she is a terrorist, all it means is he/she is yet another American that has problems with the government. 

Her opinion on Islam is an appreciated one, because I see why she would think that opinion would help after Trump demonized us, but if she truly wants to help us she would work so that America views Islam correctly and equally. Equality is viewing every man and woman the same, not viewing one group as better or worse than another.