OG Maco - Breathe EP (Review)

Many of you probably know OG Maco from the catchy Internet anthem "U Guessed It", and other bangers such as "Road Runner" and "Fuck Em 3x". Well, he recently took some time away from his club hits and focused more closely on the current racial climate we are faced with in America today, with the release of The Breathe EP. The project is short, only 3 songs, but what it lacks in length it makes up in quality and attention to detail as the artist explains his point of view on pressing worldly issues, such as the Mike Brown verdict and common problems, such as poverty, that plague African-Americans. The overall sound is different from the usual minimalistic trap sound, with more of a dirty soul sound, we're use to hearing with OG Maco. Though it is refreshing to hear him try new things and show the depth of his artistry. The Breathe EP not only shows you that OG Maco cares about his community but he has another level of his music that we were previously not familiar with. Thoughtful and conscious of elevated tensions in the country, this EP gives us an excellent insight into Maco outside of the internet hits. Although it is brief, the Breathe EP allows us to appreciate some skills many thought OG Maco didn't possess.  For those who only have heard of OG Maco from his bangers, I would give this a listen to see what more he has in store. Who knows what's lined up next?