Overlooked?: Killbee's HEX 2

"Hex2 has some of the best mixed, most phenomenal music, from the area.."

-says who?

This tape was described to me as a project that TYFNS mistakenly overlooked...so I took it upon myself to take a listen and....

You know how some beats sound better when nobody is rapping on them? Well that's not how I feel about this tape. I liked the beats don't get me wrong, but they're not something I could sit back and listen to, at least not for pure enjoyment. The song titles were kind of weird to me but it caught my attention, I was curious. I enjoyed the first and second to last songs...whatever they're called. Heavy bass, 808s and all that good shit caught my attention. 

This tape is filled with loops, and that is exactly why I think it would have sounded better if somebody were rapping over them. His ability to capture abstract emotions is "unmatched", as track 2 sounded like if "I don't wanna be high anymore" had a sound.

One of the things that stuck out to me was that in the "(interview)" track somebody said "rapping on a Killbee beat is like being dragged through a treacherous terrain" I was confused by the analogy but the end result was that apparently rapping on a Killbee beat is like being on PCP so i took that as being unstoppable it didn't really make any sense but I guess that's what they were going for.

What are your thoughts?