The Differentiating Views, on "Views"


With Views on the horizon it was only natural that I wondered which direction Drake would take the project. I always find it funny when people say things like, “this is the most important album of (the artist's) career.” Naturally, wouldn’t the upcoming album be the most important release in an artist career?

Isn’t the next move always suppose to be your biggest and most important? Granted some things have a bigger impact than others, so I get it, but it’s so cliché to me.

Either way, I do think this is the biggest release of Drake’s career. Of course his debut was important, because that introduced him to the world. Take Care is definitely a modern day classic, and by the time Nothing Was The Same released Drake already had his fan base by the throat, so it wasn’t really important in forming the direction of his career.

Before the album dropped, I thought there was some pressure on Drizzy. Drake had pressure coming from all directions in the form of Meek Mill, former label mates, Kendrick is holding his spot down, and fan pressure. So my question was, "what direction is Drake going to take this album?" Was it going to have the R&B feel of Take Care, or was he going to have that WATTBA ready for radio play feel? Was he going to have the Hotline Bling and IYRTITL “pop” feel, or was he coming hard lyrically, which most fans seemed to want?

He answered my questions with the recent release of Views. I found it more in line with the Take Care R&B-ish style. Personally, I wanted to hear a more lyrical Drake, a Drake that was going to silence the doubters who’ve seemed to forgot about his abilities. However, halfway through my second listen I realized, this sometimes R&B-ish, "damn he's singing again" style, is who Drake is as an artist and it's his lane. He doesn't need to try and make anything else. 

Enjoying the album more so through my second listen it dawned on me that, Drake is the best at what he does and I'm enjoying it, so why would I ask him for anything else? Drake delivers the lyrics, the quotes, and the singing, making it all fit nicely. It blends together then pours out of the album song by song as the perfect balance. So, I've come to the realization that Drake will never give me that raw, three sixteens and a hook on every track, lyrical album. That isn't who he is as a Hip-Hop artist; his abilities lie in more places. He has more to offer so why would he box himself into that when he can do things a little differently?

So looking back, I don't why I expected that from Drake. No, Views isn't groundbreaking, nothing Drake has released as of late suggested it would be. I should've expect Drake to be Drake, and make an album in line with how Drake does Drake.