Pop Artist: Justin Hager

Art is growing as an aspect of music and popular culture in general. Look at Swizz Beatz for instance, he went from being one of the first art enthusiasts in hip-hop, to an art collector and now a recent graduate from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts with a degree in fine art. From this, I personally foresee multi-facetedartist movement and a lot more focus on fine art. With that said, I want to pinpoint this particular American pop artist by the name of Justin Hager. First, just take a look at some of his work, and then we'll talk about details:

His play on words and the way his mixes different cultures into his prints is remarkable and clearly genius. Look how he mixed the pizza joint Lil Caesars with Junior Mob and Lil Caesar. The way he made Boyz N The Hood characters look like they were in a beach band while still maintaining that hood appeal is seamless. There's beauty in juxtaposition, especially in art and Justin Hager is an artist that deserves the spotlight for his mastery of that. If you're a new or seasoned art collector and have $40, I strongly recommend purchasing his work. It's fun, funny, sometimes sassy and aesthetically amazing. Now, lets check out more work.

"Burger Kings" by Justin Hager