Pranks in the Hood... GONE WRONG?!

***Please watch this video first***

Earlier today, I got lost in the world of YouTube and stumbled across a video of white guys pranking people by jumping out of a trash can and scaring them, titled "Compton Prank Goes Wrong". The curator of the prank decided to actually prank the prankster and had a group of black guys roll up on him and make him strip down to his undies. I thought it was slightly humorous besides the fact that they recruited random black guys to flip the prank but I thought to myself "I mean, would you be intimidated by a white guy?". I decided to check out more videos. I searched "pranks gone wrong" on YouTube watched a few more.

As I watched the videos, I found myself getting more and more angry and offended and thought to myself "does anybody else feel the way I do?" and I decided to read the comments....BIG MISTAKE! I'll show you some screenshots from a "prank gone wrong" where white guys are in the hood, walking up to people, making a joke out of the popular vine "WHAT ARE THOOOOOSEEEEEEEE?" but...they didn't quite get the joke right..

It's amazing the things people say behind a computer screen. It makes me wonder, why aren't people talking about these videos? They are blatantly racist and disrespectful. What is so funny about white guys going into the hood and basically poking fun at the people that live there? 

There are so many of these "hood pranks" on YouTube. I literally sat here for a hour with my blood boiling, watching them. I was very pleased with the reaction of my people. I felt as though they handled the disrespect properly. The guy at the end of the "what are those?" prank threw the guy over the fence and I honestly had never been more proud. However, are we proving to people that we are "aggressive", at the same time? I don't think that people understand that black people are not aggressive, we just have a low tolerance for disrespect. Why the fuck would you walk up to me and ask, "are you trying to buy a gun, homie?" and expect me not to be offended by that? Now you're scared I pulled out a real gun on you? Fuck outta here. 

How can we put an end to racism in this country when racism is displayed in so many ways? I feel like attention needs to be drawn to these videos. People need to talk about this. I know they're just videos on YouTube but is it really "funny" that white guys are making "hood pranks"? I think it's racist... What do you think?