PSA: Rappers, Know When Your Time Has Passed

The music industry does not have enough room to occupy rappers whose songs nobody thinks twice about.

Two of Twitter's favorite targets are Lil Mama and Bow Wow. Not because they are probably long-lost twins but for the common flaw of thinking they're still hot. For some odd reason, both of these artists believe 2015 is the year fans decide to give them a break.

They were wrong.

Not too long ago, Lil Mama released a track titled “Sausage”. The title alone set twitter haywire. My question, after listening to her say “I asked years ago watcha know about me and you still don’t know”, is this: Do we really want to know? 

The song, a sad attempt at relevancy, took many trends and jam-packed them into one song, hoping for what would be some mega-super trend combination resulting in good reviews.

She was misled.  

Bow Wow’s case was understandable…four years ago. Everyone was a Bow Wow fan once. If not during his early post-“Lil” days, then certainly when he had it. He had a few hot tracks as he got older, just not enough.

His rap career should have stopped around 2010, 2011. His funniest and most delusional antic was in a video of him laughing because some kids on a field trip had not noticed him. Twitter was confused. The question was if Bow Wow understood he is no longer a big name celebrity.

Any washed-up artist thinking about a comeback should listen to “All I Know”, a track "Shad Moss" released early June 2015. It screams “Hey! Look! I can sing too! And talk about gangs!” But is, in actuality, one big chorus leaving us all waiting for something good to come.

The list of artists clinging on to dear life is regrettably long. Plies, Chingy, etc... We all want fame, I get it, but being a joke is not worth it. Hip Hop deserves a certain degree of respect which these artists siphon undeservedly .

Old school legends are often accused of the same thing, the difference is they are legends. Artists that are only hot for a certain period should enjoy that time, then pack up whatever money they made and move on.

The next time these artists, or any like them, go back to pick up the mic, I hope they think long and hard about it. And, ultimately, decide to save us the 3-4 minutes we will lose listening.

What do you think?