The first time I ever heard of Kasey Jones was before TYFNS started. I was at a Bombay Knox show for somebody's birthday and I remember him getting on the mic and just completely changing the atmosphere of the venue. He was a great performer and I wanted to hear more of his music, but I forgot his name! But I found him and here he is, Mr. Kasey Jones AKA TURTLEGAWD as this week's Artist of the Week!


1. Why don't you have affiliations?

Cause now I can work with whoever I want to work with and also not have to consider anybody else's opinion on whatever it is I do. 

2. Do you take offense when people point out the fact that you're a white rapper?

No, cause I am one. Why would I take offense to that, like hey you got me dude. White as can be. 

3. What was the saddest moment of your life?

When I seen Lil B get punched

4. How do you feel about the whole DMV music scene?

It used to be kinda like high school man with everybody having their own cliques and shit and people not necessarily fucking with everyone else. That shit was pretty lame, but that's kind of in the past now anyways. Fuck it man, Im just tryna make good music. 

5. When you get angry what do you do to calm down?


6. What if your favorite non-hip hop album of all time?

Tawk Tomahawk by Hiatus Kaiyote. 

7. What are you going to do if music doesn't work out?

Honestly I don't want to do anything else, but if not this, probably something else that takes creative energy. Cause this world be boring as shit sometimes. I don't wanna be a guy that fuckin' hates his job.

8. Do your parents support your music?

Yeah man, shout out to them.

9. How do you feel about social networks?

I hate them, but I'm addicted to them mo, no games.

10. Why should people listen to your music?

Cause it's pretty tight I think. I don't know man, I like to think its tight at least.