Real Prophecy: What You Need To Know About The Up-And-Coming Rapper

"52 Bars will put lyrics and substance back into the culture" - Real Prophecy 

By now everyone and their mother has seen the 30 second video on twitter of Real Prophecy's song "52 bars". If you haven't...well you clearly haven't been on twitter lately. 

Real Prophecy, real name Courtney Jackson Jr., is a 22-year-old rapper from Broward County, South Florida. He isn't your average rapper, Real Prophecy comes with a passion for Hip Hop. He respects the craft. He isn't riding the beat, he isn't drowning his track with autotune, and he isn't following any trends, he is rapping. 

The 30 second video of his "52 Bars" video has gone viral with over 1,000 retweets and favorites, for obvious reasons. It took only 30 seconds for him to display his impressive wordplay, flow, and lyricism. After I saw the video, it was no more than 10 minutes until I looked for the full song, once i found it left me incredibly curious. The video, recorded at Insane Sounds studio and shot by Fernando films, displays the rapper in his habitat ripping away. 

I saw this track as an appetizer, an appetizer better than those Red Lobster biscuits, I needed my entree. So, I went out and got it. Real Prophecy has an album from 2012 that features "52 bars" titled "No More Pain", he also has a mixtape he released last year titled "Overstanding". He also has an upcoming EP titled "Peace is Destroyed", two singles have already been released in anticipation "Black lives Matter" and "Got it Locked"

I reached out to Real Prophecy to talk about his album and spike of success. He provided me with some surprising information about this tack. The instrumental used for "52 bars" wasn't even the original. He originally wrote it for Odd Future's "Oldie" instrumental but met a producer that goes by "BeatTsar". While Odd Future's instrumental is nice, he felt as though the one used match his style more. 

We also discussed his reaction to his video going viral, he had this to say "I feel more than amazed to see my video reach this level. It will continue to reach a larger audience but this definitely is what I needed in this point of my career as an emcee". Humble words from a hungry rapper. 

Real Prophecy wants to reclaim Hip Hop and bring substance back to the culture. Now when we hear this most people moan and groan and tell people to move on from old school hip hop, but he isn't trying to revive anything. He wants to get back to the lyrics yes, but with an urban sound. Hip Hop is changing, and it has changed immensely over the last two decades . It would be naive of anyone to state that they are going to bring back old school because the fans of today don't want that. Real Prophecy is bringing what the fans do want, talent. 

Check out Real Prophecy's the video to "52 bars" and see for yourself his skill. After that you can stream his "No More Pain" album and "Overstanding" mixtape below.

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