It's been a while TYFNS'ers, I've been busy with things, but that's besides the point. I'm glad to be back with consistency and the most quality posts I can offer. 

Now, while away I had time to dig through the internet and fall into cool shit and these fashion figures happened to be one of them. It immediately caught my attention because of the name of course as it is my own. But wait, there's more. His story on him being named "Oscar the Grouch of fashion", and because of that he was black balled from the international fashion scene and abandoned. 

(via four-pins)

Now, this is where it gets interesting, being in seclusion and only having his very very very rare Japanese action figures, he believed they were the only ones who believed in him. Thus, he decided humans were too hard to work with and began to be a plastic figure stylist. How's that for a creative idea? It's sick aesthetically.



He even takes it to another level when you visit his site, each figure has a life and inspiration of it's own full of photo's and an theme song for each character. It's impressing because you don't see any artist put so much work into the small details of a project, but it's the center of how designers accomplish a cohesive fashion house while maintaining relevance. Their muse has a life. The muse evolves with the times. The woman, man, child the designer is crafting for has an entire life they think about and design for.  I won't spoil the experience for you, but it's addictive looking at the photography and the sweet vibey music to compliment is going to have your Shazam open no doubt. 


Personally, it's never been done, as far as i've seen. Even if it has, i'm sure it wasn't done on this level. Why not a movie or a stop-motion series using these. Remember "Action League Now!"? Cartoon Network would make bucks if they did some sartorial series similar to Robot Chicken based on these characters. I'm going off on a rant, but what are you guys thinking? Not really that much of an Oscar the Grouch to me.