Release Reminder - GoldLink "And After That, We Didn't Talk"

The DMV music scene is definitely getting a boost Friday, November 6th.

GoldLink plans on dropping his debut album And After That, We Didn’t Talk a week earlier than expected, an amazing feat for an artist who is only two years and two projects in on his music career.

Right now, you may be forced to say that GoldLink is carrying the torch for the DMV music scene and that’s no easy task. As his release date approaches, I get two reactions when I bring up his album: people not knowing he had an album coming out or people not being able to wait for its release. GoldLink's unique sound has some loving his music, and others being hesitant because his music isn’t what they’re used to. For me, it leads me to ask myself, what do I truly expect from GoldLink Friday the 6th?

Debuts are hit or miss in the rap world and it can be hard to comeback from a lackluster first impression, especially in mainstream Hip-Hop. I don’t want to place too much anticipation on the album, but I also don’t want to be a downer expecting the worse. Honestly, from the three releases I’ve heard so far, I expect a solid album. I'm sure my expectations will only get better with more tracks from the project releasing. It’s going to be hard to top what he did in the underground scene with “God Complex”, and I'm sure he feels the pressure...or maybe he doesn’t.

Between “Spectrum”, “Dark Skinned Women”, and “Dance On Me” the third is definitely my favorite so far. All three songs completely ooze with GoldLink’s style and signature sounds, which is something that can get lost when an underground artist drops their official debut album. I’m happy he’s staying true to himself, because it seems like once the word “album” gets thrown in, things change.

GoldLink has a load to carry now, and as fans, we expect the most from artist releases. However, you never know if you’re getting a Good Kid M.A.A.D City or a New Jock City and we won’t know until we have the album in our music libraries. So what do I expect from GoldLink this Friday? For a DMV artist to make his presence known to the Hip-Hop world, with a very good debut. Maybe not Steph Curry opening night good, but good nonetheless.

If he does go all out Steph on us, then we are the real winners.

GoldLink’s And After That, We Didn’t Talk drops a week earlier than originally planned, this Friday.