Staying Afloat: Quality vs Quantity

It takes a special kind of artist to drop a ridiculously amazing piece of work, and then suddenly disappear (*cough* Frank Ocean *cough*). Throughout their "hiatus", you're wondering when they will find it out of the goodness of their heart to release even a sneak peak of a sneak peak of a new project.

You may even begin generating absurd assumptions from their social media posts; somehow convincing yourself their posting a selfie brushing their teeth means their undisclosed, soon-to-be released album will be called Colgate...or something.

We get creative when we're desperate. In the midsts of our illogical algorithms and equations, we never wonder why we're not upset that we've sort of...been abandoned? Most of us are left begging for a sign that our favorite artists are even still alive.

I believe it's because quality exceeds quantity.

Artists with less frequent releases tend to have more creatively and carefully put together bodies of work. The time and effort put into their projects are each evident in the final product thus generating genuine and positive feedback from their fans. 

Let's be real, in any art form reverence is more honorable than [temporary] relevance. "Easy come easy go" has become one of those sayings that, though it's too cliché to even be found in a fortune cookie, is accurate. 

We see a lot of "match box artists" who enter the game and in order to stay afloat they start dropping song after song after song and though it may be poppin' for a second, it begins to fade. After some time you begin to see less and less of this artist until they become yesterday's news, they've literally burnt out like a box of matches. 

Consistency is key, but it doesn't mean much if all you're producing is consistently poor work.