Review - GoldLink "And After That, We Didn't Talk"

"DC n***as legit now"

GoldLink definitely made a wave with his debut album, and this is a monumental step forward for music artists hailing from a city full of monuments. How good was the album really? What impact did it leave it on me? 

I was pleased as the album came to a close. As a fan of GoldLink's sound, he stayed true to himself on this album. "After You Left" and "Zipporah" were the first two songs and my two favorite songs on the album. It's ironic that GoldLink says "This just intro I'm not even spazzing yet" on "After You Left," but that song was lyrically the best to me. I was hoping for at least a "solid" album but GoldLink far exceeded that and it's definitely worth a listen. 

Even though it isn't the most lyrical album around, it's a project that mostly focuses on the vibrant rhythms that force you to tap your foot along to it while you listen. That's not to say there are no bars on the tape, however. The album flows together nicely, as GoldLink tells a complete coming of age story, something very common, throughout the whole project.

With all this being said, I had some criticisms as I listened. Personally, I like longer projects. I know the saying goes "quality over quantity", but this album could've been a little longer, especially when you consider the songs lengths are so short. I had to ask myself "how much do I really like this album?" With it having local roots, it was cool to hear GoldLink reference places I'm all too familiar with, so that gives the album a plus in my eyes.

Am I forcing myself to listen to it more because "I have to support because he's from here" or is the music really that good?

The music is good, but it's very "you have to be into him" to really dig the album. It's a "vibe" album, meaning if I'm in the mood I can vibe with all the tracks. It's feel good music, I can envision having a small get together and listening to "Dance On Me" with friends, everyone smiling with drinks in hand. I can also see myself skipping songs when I'm not in that mood, or zoning out on the music not even recognizing it's playing when songs like "Late Night" come on. After the newness rubs off, I don't really see myself running to my playlist to turn on AATWDT. Maybe part of it goes back to GoldLink not being super lyrical. The album didn't have those "damn he just said that" verses that I crave so much. Then again, maybe that's not what he was going for. He told his story and told it well.

As far as impact goes, this the definition of a "cool" album. If I described the album to someone I'd have to use the word "cool" multiple times. It's cool in the sense that I don't think anyone will hate it, but it's not drawing in a lot of new fans in my opinion. If you didn't already like GoldLink I don't think listening to this will make you a really check for other releases or look forward to his next project, but you would say "wow he's cool." Then again, maybe he wasn't trying hard to bring in a new crowd.

I think I fell victim to wanting to like this album more because GoldLink is local, but that doesn't take away from the fact that the album is good. You can't help but be taken away by the feeling of wanting to dance to "Palm Trees" and "Unique" (also two songs I really liked). Both songs give you that "I'm young and having a hip night out on the town with my significant other" feeling. I can also see how after listening to DS2 someone can say "Polarized", which is one of those moody, either feeling it or not songs, isn't really cutting it.

In my "Release Reminder" post I said I didn't expect GKMC but was hoping for better than New Joc City, well I think we got that. AATWDT is more than "solid", it's "cool",  I don't know the overall impact it will have but GoldLink introduced himself strongly.