Review: Logic "The Incredible True Story"

Logic's sophomore album The Incredible True Story released November 13th.

Despite much promotional buzz, it was no disappointment. As suggested by the cover art, Logic takes us through literal space, with thought-provoking verses, clever wordplay, and some comedic skits throughout. From the beginning of the album, with drums that resemble Kanye's "Amazing", we begin the journey, which features two characters on a futuristic spaceship. On the song "I Am The Greatest", Logic boasts saying: 

"I can flow on anything/from Premo to that trap shit"

After listening to the album, I can say this is very true. The diverse sounds throughout the entire project show his lyrical versatility as well as his production abilities. It is a stark contrast from the "fuck bitches, get money" mantra most of the music world has been overwhelmed with lately. 

Though you probably won't hear any of these songs at parties, Logic has always given us tracks that make us press pause to digest what he just said and this album is no different. Kai and Thomas take us on a trip to a land called Paradise and Logic serves as the "radio" for the voyage, a must different sound from his freshman project.

Logic describes this album as the "victory lap". He has seen his fame steadily rise and can now boast about it with lines like

"Emails from Rick Rubin/dinner with No ID"

The Incredible True Story shows Logic in a much more comfortable place.

Rating: 8/10

Guest Written By: Brandon Loftin (Twitter: @Lowkey__B)