I was having a bad day until I saw the link to rMell's new project.

If you already follow rMell, you know dropping three tracks/scenes all at once is a blessing. But enough with the sice, I had to listen to it three times through before I could write anything worth your time reading.

The nine minute EP starts with "What's the Move": a creepy little joint explaining the timeless story of finding a move while getting the listener warmed up and two-stepping. I was worried initially about how well the first scene would flow into the next one, since a lot of projects which group everything into one mix aren't as successful. There aren't any huge gaps or a weird jumps, a welcomed relief.

"Shake That", featuring Matt McGhee and Poncho, gives a feel good, bounce beat you could groove to. I liked this song so much, I was scattering to find the time it started for a replay before even continuing on with the rest of the project.  After Poncho's voice fades, "Would You" begins, listing questions you'd ask yourself if you were considering being with someone featuring a verse from Nomad. 

rMell released an interactive player on YouTube to pair with the EP. You can hit the buttons to go back and forth each time a song starts while a nice NSX spins around for your aesthetic needs. A very considerate gesture by rMell since it is assured you will replay at least one of these songs. You can watch it below.

I really enjoyed this EP and I believe you would too. 

Overall: 8/10

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