Rodeo Was Cool, But Not As Good As Days Before Rodeo

Every project is bound to leak. Almost a week ago, the highly-anticipated album Rodeo by Travi$ Scott was found all over the internet, days before the release date. (I got jokes, I know.)

I decided to be a shitty person and download it, because hey, it's free. I love free. First time around I listened to it, I couldn't mess with it. It felt all over the place in production nor did it flow as well as Days Before Rodeo did. After a few more listens, I decided it needed to take some getting used to, but there was still no center to the album. Sure, there were bangers like Nightcrawler ft. Swae Lee & Chief Keef  and 3500 ft. Future & 2 Chainz, but then paired with a song with Toro Y Moi? Risky decision that could have been successful, but it couldn't come together as well as it was promoted to be (though Flying High actually bumped pretty nicely to me). Maria, I'm Drunk with Justin Bieber was alright, though I preferred the original version with only Young Thug featured. 

chief keef.jpg

I had such high expectations for this and ended up pretty disappointed. Piss On Your Grave was probably the worst song I have ever heard in my life, but talking about Kanye West's falling career in rapping is a different story for another day. The album lacked the same direction of Days Before and didn't come off as anything like a rodeo would make me feel. Days Before did that. It built serious anticipation, but I guess it was a plot twist. The rising action turned out to be the climax. The relationship of Days Before Rodeo and Rodeo is ironically a perfect example how some things are overly hyped only to end up not having the value it was sought out to have. 

Sorry, Travi$. Maybe Post Rodeo will be better?