Abra - Rose (Review)

After Abra's last EP BLQ VELVET I didn't think she could out-do herself...

I was wrong.

But held off listening to the AWFUL RECORDS vocalist's newest project, a mistake I deeply regret. After seeing the video for "Roses", I decided to get my life together and go listen. Rose is an audial representation of ethereality in every sense of the word.

The tracks are reminiscent of mid-late 90's R&B and Hip Hop, with flavors of Rock and Witch House [minus the occult theme]. The 12 track album, vocally, continues to leave me in awe, song after song. They're dark, celestial, angelic, and bound to run shivers up your spine.

The album is available for purchase on bandcamp. If you're not into purchasing music (get it together) you can listen to the album on Abra's Soundcloud. Let us know what you think!