SDMG 2 - More Than Just A Sequel

Fat Trel returns June 26, 2016 with a sequel to one of his most successful mixtapes to date.

SDMG 2 is dropping just a few months after Muva Russia with Fat Trel continuing this pattern of quick turn arounds between projects. The question I'm asking, and what we should all be asking, is “what does this mean?”

This seems like a question I’m always asking, but I find it to be a relevant one in most cases. Trel is one of the biggest rap stars to come out of DC and is signed to a pretty powerful force in the Hip-Hop industry. However, unless you’re from here or a big Trel fan, it’s pretty easy to overlook the NE rapper, especially when you don't know where to look. This isn’t to say he hasn’t put out quality work since being signed, but the buzz doesn’t seem to be there.

I remember talking to my TYFNS colleague, and we both came to the conclusion that Trel’s best time to blow was around 2012/2013. That was about the time he and Chief Keef were working together and gaining buzz. Don’t get me wrong, Gleesh did run with some of that buzz, but it seems to have died down. I feel like, with the already solid catalog he had before teaming up with Keef, the work they put out together should have put him over the top, or at least a little higher in the minds of Hip-Hop fans.

All that work did, however, get Trel a deal, or some type of working agreement, between he and Master P, before his signing to MMG. Since then, it feels like the "Fat Fool" disappears and reappears, as he pleases. The quality of music we expect from Fat Trel is still there, so his disappearing act leads me to believe something is wrong in his promotion.

In an interview I watched around the release of Muva Russia, Trel stated how he had a lot more work in the pipeline as he geared up for an album release in the near future. After hearing this, I immediately thought “I’m not sure if you have the clout to drop a studio album right now.” Again, don’t get me wrong, I think the talent there, but the platform isn’t completely built in my eyes. I played a Trel song in my room and my roommate immediately asked, “this n**** still raps?”, before nodding his head to the beat. That cannot happen.

While some have fallen off the Trel bandwagon, and others have joined, I'm still a fan. I think Trel has good range and diversity in his music when he wants to, and he definitely has bars. He just needs to put together a complete project that shows his skills off and be consistent. One could argue he has mixtapes that displays this, and I’m one of those people, but as of recent, I don’t think he does.

Muva Russia was cool, but there are a lot of skippable songs on the project. It felt rather playful at times, and honestly, it’s nothing you must rush to hear. I wouldn’t introduce anyone to Fat Trel through that tape. Georgetown, the mixtape released before Muva Russia, about year ago, was a project I enjoyed but fellow TYFNS staff members said was forgettable to them. Though I enjoyed it, I can kind of see why. No Secrets, Nightmare On E Street, SDMG, and Gleesh were his best works to me, which is why the follow up to SDMG must be a tape I can add to the list.

If Trel wants that album that he spoke about “once being afraid to make” to happen, SDMG 2 must lay the foundation he needs to grow support and demand for the album. It needs to be a heavy force that shows us “yeah he’s ready for this.” The days of finding out a Trel mixtape is releasing one week in advance need to end. No more sounding “unserious” and poorly planned out releases. If it’s a planned project it needs to be announced, pushed and promoted by the label, crew, and all, well before its release, so it gets the proper coverage in hopes for the best reception.

Overall, I can’t tell you where Trel is going end up taking SDMG 2. At the end of the day, he’s going to take it wherever he wants. Speculating is pointless. As a fan, I’m just hoping for quality, as usual but, I think this could be bigger than your average mixtape. I’d hate to see Trel never fully get his chance, or get stuck being labeled one of those “yeah he’s signed but that’s about it” rappers. Judging from the outside, he has all the resources he needs. On June 26th we’ll see how true that is.