Shy Glizzy & Ant Glizzy - Them Dudes

Ant Glizzy just dropped a new track, following up on the release of Barbara Son three months ago. The most alarming aspect of this song, and the reason we've been waiting for it to drop since Ant announced it, is that Shy Glizzy (Ant's past friend and fellow Glizzy Gang member who he has been beefing with) is on the track.

When Ant first announced the track via Twitter he quickly gained over 400 retweets, probably from fans thinking that him and Shy are back together. I assumed the same thing, but after listening to the song I don't believe that's the case. Ant Glizzy's first bars read  "I know you heard I don't be with them dudes, we used to wear the same clothes now walk in different shoes. Them niggas rap niggas give they ass the blues, it's gone hurt a nigga heart to see them on the news." Also the CB4 on Shy's shirt and Bishop from the movie Juice on the cover are hints that he's painting Shy as a traitor.

These obviously aren't words from somebody trying to make up and be friends. I'm not sure how Ant got the Shy hook and verse, but this is definitely a move that's going to get him a few more listens. Let's see how it plays out.