Sneakers & Hip-Hop: Current Artist Paying Homage to 90's Classics

Rappers have always been very passionate about sneakers.  One thing you notice is how 90’s fashion, especially sneakers are still dominant in Hip-Hop.  We’ve complied a little list of current rappers wearing 5 Nike basketball shoes of the 90’s (non Jordan’s).

Air More Uptempo

Releasing in ’96 these shoes are straight fire, and the iconic “Air” on the side of shoe surely helped make these classics.  The shoe saw a positive reaction from its fairly recent retro, and the Olympic version that released saw endless love.  Still anyone who was old enough to remember the OG’s will probably have fond memories of this sneaker worn mainly by Scottie Pippen.  The complete Utempo line was very successfully, so Juelz had to show love.


Air Penny 1

Penny Hardaway is forever connected to 90’s lure and pop culture.  Penny was wildly popular and his shoes are still very much so to this day.  Nike had a hugely successful ad campaign with Penny Hardaway, that people remember and love.  Who doesn’t remember Lil Penny?  The Penny 1’s sold very successfully during it OG run in ‘95 even against the all-powerful Jordan 11’s.  The bejeweled Nike logo attracted attention, as it was an original design idea of the time. J. Cole rocks an OG colorway on the back of his “The Warm-up” mixtape, as he warms up. 


Total Foamposite Max

The Total Foamposite Max, or Duncan’s as they are referred to on the street, are big, shiny, heavy, and legendary.  I mean what can’t you do in this shoe?  Ironically I don’t know how anyone played ball in them because they are so heavy.  The silver ones are probably the most sought after and I can see why.  The Duncan’s, although pretty large, gave off a sleek design, and the shiny reflective swoosh logo on the side made them a hit.  The Duncan’s retail at $220 these days, and they sell out instantly.  They’re just so wearable and cool to have why wouldn’t you want them, Joe Budden probably agrees.


Air Penny 2

Lil Penny is back, imagine if his OG shoe line was longer than five shoes (Penny 1, 2, 3, 4, and Foamposites not to mention the Air Flight Ones which he was the leading player endorser).  Shoes like the Penny 2 made this line a classic, from the ads, to Penny’s personality, to Penny’s actual on the court game everything about the Penny line was unique in a way.  The Penny 2’s were greatly appreciated when they released, and even more sought after when they rereleased in OG and new versions like the ones Stalley is seen rocking.  The side design of the shoe really is a attention grabber from the first time you see them.  The OG colorways, like Atlantic Blue’s, hold a special place in old head’s hearts, just ask them.

Foamposite One/Pro

The Foamposites represented everything the 90’s were in 1 shoe, new, sleek, colorful, bulky, innovative, and pricy.  The Foams made it on the NCAA hardwood being worn by Mike Bibby, they made it on TV as many sitcom stars of the late 90’s rocked foams, and the Pearls even made it onto the big screen starring on Ray Allen’s feet in “He Got Game”.  Today, even at $200+ the Foams see plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of releases, and they mostly all sell out.  The OG colorways seem to do the best, although lately there have been some new colors that have stirred the pot.  Legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield said he wished he designed this shoe, Wale's just happy someone did.

These are just a few rappers, rocking a few classic sneakers they probably desperately desired while growing up.  Now they are just paying homage, and reliving childhood desires through fly kicks.