Chief Keef - Sorry 4 The Weight (Review)

 “Sorry 4 The Weight” was an unexpected release by Sosa. It’s been months since the announcement of “Bang 3” being a potential release. So with Bang 3 doing its best “Detox” impression, Keef blesses the streets with this tape to satisfy our Glory Boy Entertainment needs.


Before I even get into the actual songs of the tape I have to mention, Chief rambles on in a lot of skits at the beginning of songs and I’ve got to say this is the first time I’ve heard him speak audibly in a long time. I was thinking all of the lean he used to drink gave him a permanent Gucci Mane mumble but it’s safe to say he mumbles all on his own.


Even better.


Sosa’s first mixtape of 2015 started off really well. “Himalayas” and “Sosa Chamberlain” not only gave a solid impression to the beginning of the tape; they also were highlights of the entire project. The one major turnoff for me on this tape was the Andy Milonakis feature on “Hot Shit”.  The feature just gave the whole tape a different vibe that didn’t match the rest of the tape.


Overall this tape is a 6.5/10. The sound of the tape in general was less “Bang 2” and more like “Almighty So” which is a good thing. However, the lyric subject matter was a bit all over the place in a lot of songs even for a rapper such as Chief Keef. This wasn’t Keef’s best project but an improvement over other recent releases such as “Nobody”.


Rumor has it that the tape was majority free-styled and made last minute so that could explain it. “That’s what” and “Please” were also personal favorites I’d recommend checking out.


Final note. I have to give a personal thank you to Sosa for limiting his self to one song he personally produced. Hope he keeps it that way and sticks to flowing with his grumble extraordinarily over others' great beats.