The Circle of Trap

Trap is booming right now, literally. Its fan base is increasing in size and range. Hip-Hop has gone mainstream, but it seemed as though trap was still left in the dark. It is now catching up, and becoming the present face of Hip Hop. The odd thing is, all the artists seem to follow the same path. The artist releases a hit and makes more or becomes a one hit wonder. Then, he or she becomes the main trap artist. Finally, all of their songs start to resemble one another and they die out and are replaced. While there are some exceptions, the primary one being Gucci Mane who seems to have a forever-lasting grip on Trap, this circle seems to be the general route for most Trap artists.

I believe this is why most Trap artist finds it hard to have longevity. They all reach a point where there is nothing left to write. Trap puts limitations on what the artist can write, so once a new Trap artist comes along with new “crank” the old crank is quickly forgotten. The difference here is that the Hip Hop artists that focus on the quality of their music, for instance Kendrick, Joey Bada$$, Kanye, Jay z, their music comes with other purposes other than to merely crank. The variety of purposes leads to longevity by allowing their music to hit a bigger demographic and allows it to have a variety of uses.

What do you think? Are trap artists stuck in a circle or not?