The Era of Streaming

Nielsen’s 2014 music report revealed that Hip-Hop is the most streamed genre in the United States. What does this mean? Not only has Hip Hop gone fully mainstream, it is now bigger than ever.  Hip-Hop accounted for 28.5% of all streams last year, easily beating Rock, which accounted for 24.7%. For Hip Hop to beat out Rock, in a country where it has been glorified for decades, is monumental. 

Streaming seems to be the new way to listen to your favorite artist; even Jay-Z is trying cash in on this new music outlet by creating Tidal, his new music streaming service. Looking at these numbers, the “Hip Hop is Dead” argument seems to be thrown right out the window. Whether or not you are a fan of what is being produced today, the numbers speak for themselves. Hip Hop is thriving.