The Good, The Bad, and The WTF is This?: Transcendence vs Survival (pt. 3)

From what I've seen, it's seems as though people have the wrong idea about music. People have the wrong idea about art in general, honestly. Musical "artists" in the DMV tend to be very cliquish, and in a bad way. You want to keep all your homies with you, we get it. No new n****s, we get it. However, this mentality hurts you much more than it helps you in more ways than one. I'm not telling you who to trust, but when it comes to your music, you need more varying opinions than those of your friends. Often times, your friends will tell you something sounds good in order to spare your feelings when really, it doesn't. No offense. You make art out to be a game of "Survival of The Fittest" and that's not what it is or should be at all. A number of artists in the DMV don't want to share their resources, and for very trivial reasons such as "beef", they don't want to combine talents. "Strength in numbers" seems to be a concept we are yet to collectively grasp. 

You ever hear a song or see an artist and you think "Hmm this sounds/looks just like *insert artist's name here*"? Yeah, that's called style biting. The DMV is crawling with people who claim to be visionaries but produce s**t we've already heard or seen. I personally believe it's because they saw it work for somebody else so they assumed it'd work for them, but I could be wrong...probably not. Originality and unity are two things we are seriously in dire need of. We love the DMV and we actually want to support what our natives produce, but a lot of you make it hard. I asked a couple people from my school how they felt about the DMV music scene and this is what they had to say:

"I think that everybody sounds alike, and everybody wants to be a rapper, nobody really has a serious interest in music, people just want to do it so they can be famous, and it makes it hard for people who are actually trying to work hard on their craft to come out of here because of all these wack people around them. I think that people need to figure out what they really want to do with their lives and stop using music as an easy way out."
"Well typically, the actual talented people come from 'urban' areas, [because] they have something to rap about, so people who come from suburban areas...I'm not saying that they can't rap but what are you going to rap about? Your ferrari...or? People nowadays use rap to get ahead or get attention but they're not really talented."
"Nowadays when people produce music, it seems like they don't consider content, so now we have all this 'Sad Boy' hipster-trap s**t floating around, that needs to die."

We have to stop treating music as a get-rich-quick scheme. We need to become more open to honest and constructive criticism. We have to stop pimping art and utilize it as an expression of passion and not a hunt for profit because in all honesty, nobody likes a jack of all trades and a master of none. Stop thinking that by helping somebody up or sharing resources you won't be successful, art is about transcendence, not survival.