The Internet - Ego Death (Review)

Ego death: complete loss of subjective self-identity.

The Internet released their third studio album, Ego Death last week and I couldn't be happier.

If you've listened to their first two albums, Purple Naked Ladies and Feel Good, you might have noticed their production only gets better. I downloaded the album when it released but for some reason God or Apple didn't want me to have it on my phone.

Once I was finally able to have it on my phone it was the weekend and you know niggas love to have the aux cord, like it's their car -.-...

But I digress...

The album was amazing, when Special Affair dropped back in May, I was super excited. There wasn't a track I didn't like. It's hard to choose my favorite but for the sake of choosing favorites, I enjoyed Just Sayin'/I Tried.

It spoke to me for reasons I won't speak on but when you listen to it you might peep. 


Rating: 10/10