The Matrimony - Wale (ft. Usher)

It's pretty obvious that a few of us here at TYFNS really enjoyed Festivus. If you missed us live tweeting from Wale's Simply Nothing tour on Twitter, we loved it, and personally the mixtape as well as the live performances made me a fan of Wale again. So of course we're highly anticipating The Album About Nothing, set to drop on March 31st, which will hopefully hold its own in what looks to be shaping into a year full of big releases. The Matrimony is the newest peek we get to take at the album, and first official single, and it doesn't disappoint. Wale drops verses on his struggles with relationships while dealing with the women that come with fame and his own issues with love, but Usher steals the show with a guaranteed radio-hit hook. Be on the lookout for more news on #TAAN as the month goes on.