Throwback: SYLDD

Releasing in the winter season of 2013, SYLDD isn't a "throwback" in the traditional sense. Nonetheless, it's an album that I feel deserves a lot more attention than what it received.

The 11 track project was originally an album that was to be distributed through Warner Brothers Music Group, but Ricky ultimately decided to release it for free via Noisey (A decision that his label wasn't too happy about). The content of the album is a lot more melancholy than what you would expect from the son of fashion mogul, Tommy Hilfiger. Topics range from his drug use, his relationship with his parents, women, and even suicide. But don't let the pessimism of the album turn you away from a wonderful experience.

I can honestly say that Ricky's raspy, weak singing takes some getting used to. I know of a few people who refuse to listen to him because of how unconventional his style is, despite me always coming to his defense. Once you're able to grow accustomed to his nasally tone I can almost guarantee you'll enjoy this album. But don't just take my word for it, check out the album and thank me later. If you like the album be sure to check out Lost Limos 5 as well.