Artists To Watch

Greetings readers,

For starters, I want to use this post to formally introduce myself. My name is Reggie, I'm glad to be here and it will be my pleasure supplying you all with art goods, music goods and the like. I'm in the works of becoming an art broker/dealer/curator and while doing research (sometimes on Instagram) and working I find out about some godly talented artists. I hope you all appreciate the craft level of these artists as they are my favorite three of the moment, links will be provided on each artists name for more info. 

1. Naturel

I wanted to start with a pretty well known graphic vector artist, Naturel (Lawrence Atoige). He began his rise to fame in the slowly increasing hip-hop art scene when he created the gold and silver Jesus pieces (In the Naturel style of course) I like his work because it defines not only what's going in fine art right now, but also in music. Also, he is a native Prince George's County, MD (HOMETEAM). He works with major corporations that are unnamed, but he is currently showing at Dame Dashs' Poppington Art Gallery in NYC if you're visiting the city soon or already in the city. He is doing pretty well for himself and it doesn't look like his momentum is going to die anytime soon. If you're looking to start collecting, he's an artist you should consider to add for sure.

P.S. he recently posted a photo on Instagram of Swizz Beatz (recent Fine Art graduate) adding a piece of Naturel's work to his collection (an honor in the underground hip-hop art scene folks):

"Pussy Had Me Dead" by Naturel

Inspired by Pharrell's album 'Girl'


2. White Deer

Now I found out about this artist through a wise friend of mine Akeem who is editor-in-chief of Quiet Lunch Magazine. She may not be the most popular artist, but her skill level and overall aesthetic makes me want to cry. She draws in a way that looks effortless and limitless in its space. Most of all, her minimalist style and mastery of portraits is what's most appealing. What do you think?

3. Aaron Nagel

Last, but not least we have a pretty notable name in art. He had an exhibition open when I first began my internship at Lyons Wier Gallery and I was immediately impressed. His mastery of realism is disrespectful to anyone who even tries to attempt their hand art this style. Another artist that I feel deserves infinite attention.