TYFNS Time Capsule: An Ode to The Neptunes

TYFNS Time Capsule is a series celebrating arguably the best (my favorite) time period of music, the late 90's, early 2000s. 

In this week's Time Capsule, I'm taking you back in time to rediscover the musical geniuses that comprise The Neptunes. Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo have a distinct sound when it comes to hip hop, but their wide range of production credits shows how great their influence on music was. From Vanessa Carlton to Mystikal, this duo has been the reason you Shake Ya Ass (sorry, I had to).

Take a listen to this playlist curated by moi and let me know what your favorite Neptunes-produced tracks are.

"Neck full of bling bling, like The Neptunes sound." - Lil Bow Wow (again, sorry, I had to)