TYFNS Time Capsule - Michael Jackson

Six years ago, the world lost the best entertainer it had ever seen.

Michael Jackson had the ability to make grown men cry; to make women faint with a simple "hee-hee". His influence can be seen in virtually every aspects of contemporary music and performance. Despite a life plagued with hardship, Michael Jackson made the entire world happy with his music. 

Sometimes, it's hard to comprehend he is gone. 

This week's Time Capsule commemorates the legacy he left. From dancing in your grandma's living room while you clean to performing one of his countless hits at your school's talent show, Michael Jackson was a part of everyone's life in some way. Let's celebrate his life with the wonderful music he shared with the world!

Tell us your favorite Michael Jackson song and a memory his music has left with you.

Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson.