TYFNS Exclusive: 3-0 Whop Takeover

New Whop Order EP Tracklist

The 3-0 Whop crew is closing in on the end of their very first tour and there is no better way to end such a monumental feat than with the release of an EP. The crew has announced the release of ther EP entitled "New Whop Order Volume 1", it is set to drop on 7/27. The EP will include verses from 7 members OGK, Aceology, Mike of Doom, Iceburg Jettson, Ciscero, Rezt, and LSJayzus.

The group has been getting a lot of attention inside and outside the DMV as a collective as well as individually. This is a crew that knows how to grind and stick together. They all do their own thing but it all adds to their 3-0 Whop success. Whether it be a member releasing a solo track, multiple members on one track, a member and an non member on a song, or OGK releasing an art piece you always get a Whop feel at it's core. 

With the surprise announcement of their New Whop Order EP, many are wondering how it came to be. Here at TYFNS we sat down with Aceology and OGK to get a few words. During this sit down, we got word that they will be having a Trapped Underwater Pool Party in August, so ladies get your pool side poses perfected.  


"Expect crank. While we do take music seriously, we do this shit for fun. The love of the process & being able to maneuver a platform to just make music we actually enjoy making."

"This year I'm hoping to continue to level up and watch the rest of my team grow so that next year we can begin to really make a difference in the music scene and expand far beyond the DMV"


"I  realized everyone had a bunch of new music they were gearing up to drop and we are nearing the end of our first tour. So I thought it would be the move to commemorate our first tour with an EP of recent music we've all developed throughout the tour." 

"This EP will serve as promo for our Trapped Underwater Pool Party in August"

"Fans can simply expect "The Crank". Whop." 

Check out these Jumpsoot  pieces by OGK, exclusively released right here at TYFNS. More visuals are in the process of being developed by OGK, so keep an eye out for more exclusive releases.