Under the Radar: Masego

Twitter is a wonderful thing.

The other day while scrolling through my timeline, I came across a video of guy freestyling over a very cool beat in a studio. The video was entertaining enough that I clicked his profile to see if there were more videos. Of course there were no more videos, but there was a Soundcloud link.

Do I dare open it?

I'm here to tell you I did and I'm thankful for it. Not all Soundcloud links are bad, sometimes you run across some excellent content. Well, I ran across Virginia's own, Masego

Breezing through the tracks uploaded to his profile I found myself immersed in the world of his sound. It was very upbeat and out there, sort of like some other "underground" music out now, but quite polished and complete. I appreciated the live music touch, of what sounded like the saxophone and piano, and the Jazz feel it brought to his production. His rapping wasn't anything that'll make you pause the track and think, but the subject matter is relatable and he flows nicely over the tracks. Some of his non-serious productions like, "I Hate School (Wish Me Luck On My Exam)", are very funny because the lyrics are so relatable you can't help but be entertained.

The "Pink Polo EP" really caught my ear, and "Girls That Dance" was definitely a standout out track. It featured a little piece of everything I described earlier that initially attracted me to his music. The song always made me draw comparisons to Goldlink in my mind, and while I listened to the rest of "Pink Polo EP" I couldn't help to hear more similarities. Some might like that, some might find it as a turn off, and others might not even hear the similarities. I'm just stating what I heard while listening, and it's not necessarily bad. I just couldn't help but wonder was he influenced by Goldlink in anyway after I finished listening.

Masego seems to have a growing fanbase, judging from his photo at performances and social media accounts. Well he's gone under the radar at TYFNS long enough. We've taken notice and it's time you did too.