The Last Niight EP - Last Niight

DMV music group Last Niight, dropped a new and interesting EP entitled “The Last Niight EP” recently.  The tape features raspy voice lyricist’s revealing childhood insecurities, demons, and personal dreams they are confident enough to disclose in their music now.  You get the impression that the artist’s have been through dark phases in life, solely based off the pain you hear in the raspiness of their voices as you listen.  However, I wouldn’t classify the EP as being dark or a downer.  You don’t get the sense that anyone is crying about the past, rather just mentioning how it shaped them today.  The lyrics can focus on personal setbacks at times, but that’s not all.  Topics like love are discussed heavily throughout the project as well.  As I listened deeper I noticed felt more at peace, relaxed, and melo compared to any other feeling, and I strongly believe the beats and overall production of the EP played a huge roll into that.  Production wise Last Niight included a lot of vocals on the songs, and used them in unique ways, something I was very fond of.  I was really impressed by the way the group incorporated a little bit of musical instruments, played off popular beats and lyrics from easily recognizable songs, and threw snippets from popular 90’s kid TV shows in the mix.  It all flows together rather nicely on one tape, and I think it deserves a listen.