Wale - The Album About Nothing

On March 31st, Wale dropped his fourth studio album The Album About Nothing. With promotion headed up by his Festivus mixtape and Simply Nothing Tour, Wale also prepared listeners for the album by releasing "The Body" and "The Matrimony" as singles and "The Girls On Drugs" on Festivus. Festivus is quite possibly Wale's best pre-album release mixtape that he's dropped, and definitely will have an impact on the success of this album. TYFNS was able to attend the Fillmore show of the tour, which we throughly enjoyed, so we expect The Album About Nothing to follow up well.

Following the trail set forth by The Mixtape About Nothing and More About NothingTAAN contains snippets of Seinfeld  episodes, but also features advice from Jerry Seinfeld as well as dialog between Jerry and Wale. As many consider More About Nothing  Wale's best mixtape and work, it'd be great if the music on TAAN resembles the mixtape as much as the title does. Though we definitely hope artists grow, some of Wale's recent music (outside of Festivus) can only be described as forgettable. Hopefully he gets back to the winning formula on this one. Buy The Album About Nothing on iTunes or stream on Spotify below.