Wanna Know - Meek Mill (Drake Diss)

Meek responds to Drake.................. Finally!

Now, if you read my last post I hope it didn't come off as "pro-Drake". I truly was not trying to pick sides. I was more, "anti-Meek's tactics", regarding the route he took in responding to Drake, and his timeliness.

Like I stated before, things could change in the battle if Meek dropped a fire diss track, or had hard evidence. I just felt he shouldn't have waited around and played with it so long. Maybe he felt he didn't have to immediately respond. Maybe he thought the response/evidence he had was going to be so damaging, he could drop it whenever and come out victorious. We've all been cocky like that in battle when we think we got the fight won no matter what.

Now the actual track is interesting, Meek has some good bars, shows evidence of earlier claims of ghostwriting, and manages a Rollie reference.

Oh what would we do with the Rollie reference Meek.

The song is solid but not something I'd wait five days to hear. If it would have dropped the day of his Twitter rant, it would have been better. However, five days later? Ehhhh. 

Meek Mill makes a stunting statement at the end of the track that we must know more about, and Drake must address. LIKE NOW.

Listen to the song completely, and I mean COMPLETELY through below.