Weekly Snitch List #10: Mills

As I write this I am procrastinating, hopefully not the only one, on the first set of homework I have received after my first week as a sophomore in college. 

This week has been interesting, to say the least. Having to commute from home to school and back due to a lack of planning has been tiring but it's only syllabus week so the inconvenience wasn't detrimental. This issue will be gone on Tuesday when I move into my own apartment, marking my first step into the real world. My excitement for this couldn't fill a two liter bottle. However, my excitement after seeing "Straight outta Compton" last week can make it overflow.

Though the movie excluded many parts and showed clear bias, it got me pumped and added to my love for Hip Hop. My playlist is composed of songs that helped me build confidence for school as well as tracks that "Straight Outta Compton" put me in the mood for. 

Enjoy the playlist above, and for those heading back to college today, good luck.