Weekly Snitch List #11: MJW

A lot of us have just finished our first week of the school year. I should definitely be getting started on the sh*tload of homework assigned to me this week, but instead I'll take a little time to write about the music that got me through this week.

I'm an accounting major in the business school at UMD. I just started my second year in college so I'm just starting to take classes for my major instead of wasting my life taking pre-reqs. The idea of syllabus week turned into syllabus day. I had three pages of notes on the first day of my economics class and already took two quizzes. On top of the school work, I get up every day at 6 a.m. and work for our school's football team in the film department. Not to mention my newly founded creative collective is in its developing stages. I have a lot of my plate but it's nothing I can't handle. 

Roy Wood$' Exis EP sat in my iTunes library for about a month, I finally found some time to sit down and listen to one of Drake's sons and it changed my life. My brother/roommate Justice, put me on to this guy from Massachusetts named Cousin Stizz...his name sounds like a joke but I feel like he really put a whole new spin on trap music. Aside from all the other artists, the return of the 'Deeper Than Rap' Rick Ross was the highlight of my week. If you haven't downloaded his last project, do it ASAP. This playlist will definitely help you not only handle the challenges of your week, but fight back as well.