Weekly Snitch List #14: Tsunami

Thankfully this past week flew by fast, after a long weekend of late nights and early mornings I had no time to recover by Monday morning. Now that school is back in session I've been in the house more doing random homework assignments and sleeping, and along with that I've been listening to a lot more music.

Since my last Snitch List I've been utilizing my Apple Music 3-month free trial and man will Apple be getting my $9.99 a month after October 3. Since iOS 9 released I've been trying to update my phone but for some reason I just was not working, so I thought "why don't I just connect my phone to the computer". BIG MISTAKE, since my phone is super fucked - I'm talking iPhone 6 with a busted screen and no home button - my phone has been stuck in recovery mode and now I have to get a whole new phone. Since I'm phoneless I've been on Soundcloud 24/7 listening to music. These songs got me through the week.