Weekly Snitch List #9: Derrick

Summer is officially over. It wasn't the most memorable one, but it had its high points.

Actually, this was a good summer for music, to me. With "Straight Outta Compton" releasing, it brought back that west coast feel to the forefront of Hip-Hop. And being the west coast fan that I am, this was great for me. The R&B ballads were being dropped left and right, with heavy feeling and meaning in their lyrics, I couldn't be disappointed at that. Add in the show Drake and Future gave us in every way imaginable all summer long, then top it off with a Fat Trel tape and a Ricky Hil sighting and you've got no complaints from me.

These are a few of the songs that got me through the summer. Some I listened to heavily at some point during the summer months, others are more recent releases that I'm listening to now, and will happily hear more of.