Weekly Snitch List #12: Merima

Good Morning. Buenos Dias. Dobro Jutro. Another wonderful weekend has just passed and now it's time to go back to being an adult. I have schoolwork up to my neck that I need to do, as well as a few other miscellaneous projects so I'll definitely have my hands tied this week but we gotta get this money, right? Right. 

Last week, a new collaborative duo from DC bringing some fresh hip-hop to the area called Young Futura dropped the video for 'Gyspy Woman' starring Nardia Boodoo, a ballerina from the Washington Ballet.  Check that out here after you finish listening to the song in the playlist. I've probably listened to this song about 100 times since it came out. You'll definitely be put into a trance and end up at least two-stepping. 

No snitch list of mine would be complete without a touch of some oldies (but goodies). Enjoy some Outkast and Sade classics, a rendition of Before I Let Go by Masego and TrapHouseJazz and pair it with one of my favorite Sango tracks (with Waldoa new favorite rapper of mine from Grand Rapids) and a new track by Mick Jenkins, whom I'm growing quite fond of. 

And to top it off, Fuego's remix to Hotline Bling. I actually prefer this version to the original...plus it made me want to start boning up on my Spanish again.

Have a great week and hope this playlist makes it go by faster.

Image by Carlton.