Well Known - Notable Alumni

In honor of Zendaya, we at TYFNS present you with a track to unapologetically shake your locs to. When the tourists on the metro see you, take the headphones out and stare deeply into their trembling irises. Take that gentrification!

Anyway, I think we can expect some solid production from Notable Alumni in the future. The beginning is a little slow; quintessential foreshadowing of the marching band-esque sample coupled with a calmer bounce to slip you smoothly into the sauce, but don’t fret; they waste no time giving you something to get the blood pumping.

Drew and Julian craft a solid track in “Well Known”. It manages to keeps you rocking for an impressive five minutes. Brad Hester features a pretty hard act to follow. The hook follows an expected format but is nonetheless catchy as hell. The Joy Denise duo towards the end is soft and easy on the ears.

I, too, just got an exam back. Wasn’t pretty. But Lord knows I’m trying to stay positive. Peep the song. It’s guaranteed to bring some much needed sunshine.