Why Justin Bieber is The BEST Pop/R&B Artist EVERRRR!!!

...well not ever. However, if I wasn't dramatic in my relatively annoying, hyperbolic way, would it even be me writing this post? I doubt it.

Let's jump right in.

I love Justin Bieber. It's no secret. It has been a 4+ year love affair, officially blooming with his Christmas album release in 2011. He was going through puberty and you could tell his voice was going to be something. I've seen his BELIEVE tour twice. I even defended him during his douchebag phase of 2014. I LOVE HIM! I've been trying to get people to listen to him forever, trying to make them see past the "baby, baby, baby oohhhhh!". I made some leeway in 2013, with his release of Journals, but since that wasn't an official album and got like ZERO airtime EVERYWHERE, it wasn't enough to convince some of you pea-brai-, I mean critical lovers of music. BUT NOW IS THE TIME.

PURPOSE. BUDDY. LET ME TELL YA. JUSTIN AIN'T SINGING ABOUT HIS BABY IN THE SAME WAY ANYMORE. Bowl cut Bieber is long gone. Weird haircut Justin is here, and now you all have seen the light.

Justin has matured tremendously. He's making grown music, and by grown, I mean music for people in their 20s, not you old geezers that are like 30...yikes! Justin has matured in his sound, his subject matter, and most importantly, his voice. My guy is harmonizing with himself, hitting falsettos like crazy, making you hate your ex in one song and making you live out your potential in the next. From singing about one-night stands in "Company" to speaking inspiring words in "Life Is Worth Living", Bieber has a wide range of song topics that are super relatable, with most making you wanna shake your ass, or lack thereof in my case.

This growth cannot be attested to himself alone. I don't have to tell you how Justin was the poster boy of douchebag white privilege in 2014. Fighting paparazzi, racing cars in his neighborhood, hanging out with Cory Baxter, egging people's homes...the guy was on a free fall to nowhere. It seemed like he had no direction, no control. Now??? NOW??? This guy has got his head on a bit straighter with the help of his team. Not only is he less of a douchebag now, he's making some of the best music of his career and has the best team he could ever have right now. The people who were talking shit just last year are now like:

Yo, did you peep that new Bieber shit? It cranks.

Ya damn skippy is cranks. Justin is silencing all of his doubters and according to an exclusive interview done with The Fader, Jason Boyd aka Poo Bear details that Justin is FINALLY making the music he wants to make. It's pop, no doubt, but the R&B influence is there in abundance, especially on tracks like "No Pressure" ft Big Sean and "Get Used To It". When you have a team that, not only slaps you with a reality check, but allows you to follow your own artistic instinct, I can only imagine that you'll begin to create the best music of your life because it's what you care about. Justin is breaking out of his pop star bubble and making music that most of you people won't be ashamed to listen to... *rolls eyes*.

According to my homegirl, Merms, artistic direction is important. Music cannot only be the sole thing you focus on as an artist, that's what separates who is a great artist and who isn't. ANDDD ONCE AGAIN JUSTIN PROVES THIS. Guys, look, I'm a dancer. I've been dancing since middle school on multiple dance teams. I love dance. So when I saw Justin put out music videos for almost all of his songs AND the sole focus was dancers...my heart blossomed. Please, just look at my two favorite songs and their videos:


No Sense ft Travis Scott

Not only does he showcase the dancers, he credits everyone. I mean EVERYONE. The director, the producers, those are normal..but he also credits, the stylists, the makeup artists, and the dancers. Each of them. By name. AND, to tickle my dancer bone, Parris Goebel, who I've recently become obsessed with after seeing her perform in a video clip on Twitter, is the choreographer and lead dancer, AND also the director of, you guessed it, ALL THESE GOTDAMN VIDEOS. Literally a woman after this abyss I'm forced to call a heart. That No Sense choreo??? BIIIIIITCH. Justin is going about this the right way, in my opinion. Realizing that he can't do all this himself, crediting everyone that makes this movement of his possible and it warms my cold, black, empty heart <3

You don't have to like Justin Bieber. I might call you a dummy, but no one is forcing you. I just wholeheartedly believe that Justin has got an amazing album on his hands with the help of a great team. I obviously don't know him personally in real life, only in my dreams, but to me, he definitely seems less angry and more like himself. His growth is inspiring to see as an old fan and I can only encourage you to stop being a little pus-...I mean a skeptical piece of sh-...wait no.... hmmm...

Just listen to the album and open your damn ears for once.

I wouldn't count this as a review but this masterpiece gets a 9.9/10 from me, because the only thing perfect in life is my Lord and Savior. :)