Why Meek Mill is Ruining His Own Success


Drake could have just ruined Meek’s career, but honestly Meek Mill might have done that last week via Twitter. When rappers and celebrities finally realize most of the time social media and their careers don’t mix, their lives will be much simpler.

Meek Mill’s problems all started with the very first tweet claiming Drake had a ghostwriter. If Meek believed those claims to be true, his first issue was randomly airing it out on twitter. Reveal that type of information in an interview or when directly asked, if you truly believe it to be fact. It’s almost like Meek got high and said, "f*@k it". Secondly, if you are going to make such wild claims, have factual evidence to back it up. OG Maco cosigning your tweet isn’t exactly the epitome a of a creditable source. You cannot come at someone like that without having proof and without being more than ready to produce said proof at a moment’s notice.

The fact is Meek Mill may be the first rapper to have his career ended via Twitter; his own Twitter at that.

Yes, Drake did body Meek, and yes Meek hasn’t responded (as of yet), but let’s not forget it was Meek on Twitter that started this. If Meek had not sent out that series of tweets, he and Drake would continued to live their peaceful lives. However, Meek started a war with an “alleged” friend that he seemingly cannot finish.

Everything was going fine for Meek, he had the girl, a respectable fanbase, and a new album that, even though I didn’t really like, most thought was solid.

The problem with Meek, however, is that everything he’s doing now is starting to seem like a publicity stunt. I cannot tell the difference between his Twitter page and the parody Meek Mill page, and as of now they're practically the same thing in my eyes. Meek hurt his own image by continuing to tweet after the first diss, making jokes about his “still to come” diss, and @-ing a Toronto politician. You’re a former battle rapper, where are the lyrics? It is like he is trying to joke this off, which comes off as ducking Drake or not being serious. It hurts his credibility amongst his fans, and in the rap game. Drake isn’t some small rapper you don’t have to respond too, especially when all roads, or tweets in this case, lead to you starting whole thing.

Two rappers immediately come to mind when I think of Twitter: Joe Budden and Wale. You may be wondering with all their social media antics how could I say Meek’s Twitter is destroying his career and their Twitter hasn’t destroyed theirs.

In the case of Wale, he has had his Twitter issues but, in all fairness, he is defending himself most of the time. He is reacting to things, which is understandable and normal. If Wale has an issue he calls Complex directly to air out his problems.

Joe Budden on the other hand seems to have forgot that he’s a rapper. Twitter hasn’t destroyed his career because he basically woke up one morning and made the choice to tweet over rap. Yeah, he still gets in the studio from time to time, but it like he’s content where he’s at.

It’s not all over for Meek. He could still drop a bomb and save himself, which is basically his only option at this point. Plus, in this social media controlled world everything is a big deal today and doesn’t matter tomorrow. This could all blow over in a week and Twitter could be making fun of the next mishap. Remember when Diddy gave Drake a black eye? Remember Chris Brown and Drake’s beef? Seems so long ago.

My two last messages for Meek Mill are: don’t call someone out on their craft then turn around and tell him to be great and don’t mess around with Twitter, people are too quick and clever.

Check out Drake's two diss tracks to Meek here: