Why We Didn't Go To Trillectro This Year

As a platform striving to be the #1 source for music in the area, it's our job to write reviews, cover artists, do interviews, and attend events to have a presence in the community. We have to do all this especially if we want to be known as "The Plug".  

We've gone to a lot of underground hip-hop/rap shows at community centers, basements, retail stores all the way to shows at the 930 Club, U St Music Hall to big festivals like Broccoli City Fest in the area, so Trillectro definitely should have been part of the top 5 necessary events of the year to go to, right? No. 

Here's a list of reasons for our absence at Trillectro:

LOCATION: Merriweather Post Pavillion is a huge venue that can accompany a couple thousand people very nicely, but since the beginning, Trillectro has stayed within its roots and happened in DC. We understood the growth Trillectro has gone through since the start, but metro accessibility has always been stressed by them so everyone could be apart of the movement.  It was nice that they partnered with a transportation service but on top of the ticket price we were paying, we had to pay to go all the way up there too?

LINEUP: We think the word "trill" has become watered down. The experience Trillectro has branded into their own did not show this year, especially with the lineup. Chance The Rapper is a phenomenal artist, but to all the people who have attended Trillectro before, would you truly consider him a headliner for that particular event? Last year we had Travis Scott, Big Sean, Migos, Fat Trel, SZA, Sango, Rae Sremmurd, etc. We're sure each and every of the artists who performed were amazing and put on a great show. But was it enough to uphold what Trillectro has been about since the start? 

ATMOSPHERE: Some of us have supported Trillectro since the beginning. We have believed in what seemed to be the vision of the creators, even going as far as to volunteer for it. We believed that this could become a great festival for DC, combining two seemingly polar opposite genres and uniting an area that has so desperately needed uniting. Now? It's less of a cultural experience, taking the different aspects of DC and creating a come one, come all atmosphere, and more like a very corporate, commercialized event in a short four year run. We had conversations with avid Trillectro patrons who wondered if management changed because it no longer felt the same. We also witnessed tweets of people who have been to every Trillectro, even this one, handing out their VIP passes and leaving because it was no longer worth it. The beauty of the first Trillectro has been lost.

No one can discredit the success that Trillectro has had in such a short period of time. Receiving this much recognition for this festival is not something one can overlook. We see the growth, we see the hard work being put into it, but over the years it hasn't been what it used to be. If the good people who were part of making Trillectro happen are reading this, don't consider this slander, but constructive criticism. We just want those same vibes we've experienced in the last few years. 

What do you think?